Who had the last laugh?

Taliban taking Afghanistan back from the clutches of so called super powers of the world is for many around the world a major sign of Apocalypse. For them,human civilization had entered the “last hour”. For some, it is Islamists imposing hardcore sharia doctrine and decline of American might and to some it brought joy watching American war on terror, that was waged on baseless facts, curtained with an unexplained end. God only knows what western powers were trying to achieve by sacrificing millions of lives and trillions of dollars.

Had this so called war made an average American Joe life better?

The proponents of American invasion would argue that American boots fighting against hardliners in Afghanistan prevented terror attacks on American soil. Such an argument is not only a fluff but the average Joe is now rolling his eyes while contemplating on disastorus western policies that have only brought grief to people around the world.

Utter nonsensical decision making had some other agenda than securing American average Joe life.

Taliban on the other end seem to be revamped in 20 years, not that they have abandoned their beards or stopped enforcing burqa for women, but at least they have now tonned down their stringent radical rhetoric. Only time will tell whether this version of Taliban faction is going to bring balanced Islamic society or it is going to get more disastrous and chaotic for the people of Afghanistan and neighbouring countries.

As long as they bring peace with prosperity, no country in the world has right to point fingers on their administration. We will know only with time how this faction of Taliban revives Islamic Sharia to tune with 21st century human demands. Lot of ground has to be covered by them to gain confidence within and without.

Poking in other affairs always brings mud on your own face whether you are individual or a country. Western world is also crumbling with blows of their own vices and leadership void.

Both American allies and its enemies know that the most powerful military on Earth does not have the will to defeat a group of nomadic tribesmen. This fact will certainly embolden Iran, China, Russia and other enemies to stand against America. And why wouldn’t it? What a shameful debacle west are perpetrating.




An Activist

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Umar Kashif

Umar Kashif

An Activist

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